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Orientation in a Box

Let DME Delivers help you gift your incoming students

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Orientation in a Box

Uncertain times calls for innovative measures


One Stop Shop

While there is uncertainty around when business will resume back to normal. Let us handle this program for you so that you can focus on what really matters…your new students.


Increase Brand Exposure

Give gifts that your incoming students will cherish during their collegiate career and beyond. Your brand will be seen everywhere they go.


Virtual Orientation Relief

We realize that your orientation will most likely be happening on your new student’s computers. We have plenty of items to send them to create a much more enjoyable experience.


Orientation in a Box

Deliver an authentic orientation experience directly to your student’s doorstep.
Although your incoming class may not be able experience your fun activities on campus, let them come across something in the mail that will welcome them in style.

  • Custom designed just for you.
  • All boxes are made to perfectly fit your items.
  • We can include any gift you can think of in your boxes.
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Our Package Styles

Our packages are custom made just for you to fit your exact needs and budget.


Tear-Away Envelope

Our Tear-Away package is perfect for sending important documents and small items through the mail damage‑free.


Gusset Mailer

Our Gusset Mailer is ideal for sending larger items like license plate frames in a stunning full‑color package.


The Box

The Box is our most versatile package as it can hold any number of your branded items and documents!

Award-Winning Creative Services

Need creative services?

  • Our talented and award-winning creative team offers a wealth of experience to drive brand innovation. We work across a wide range of mediums to help our clients communicate in an ever-changing world.
  • Our creative staff is an extension of your team. Your brand is always perfectly represented.
  • Create engaging content that connects to your graduating students.

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